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At A1 Bodmin Discount we are very please to announce that we have probably the best wheel alignment equipment in the area bar none.
We have trained staff to advise you on getting the best from your cars tyres. We not only check the toe setting (more commonly called tracking) but also check camber, thrust and caster angles at the same time.

These can all have a major effect on the way a car handles and the way tyres wear. So if you tyres are wearing, your car is not handling correctly or you cars pulls to one side let us take a look at it. We can set up anything from a mini to a single seat race car.

Don't leave it to chance we are the professionals.

It may not cost as much as you think.

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Here at A1 we like to stay at least one step ahead of the competition.  This is why we are proud to announce the fact that we have invested in some state of the art wheel balancer and tyre fitting equipment. Firstly we would like to tell you about the revolutionary new Hunter GSP9700 wheel vibration control machine. This is just so much more than a normal wheel balancer that you are likely to find in your regular tyre retails shop. Here are some of the key benefits to coming to us and having us fitting your tyres and balancing your wheels.

Thre wayThe GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tyre forces and provides instructions for solving ride and handling problems that other balancers and wheel aligners cannot fix.
Hunter’s GSP9700 is endorsed and recommended by vehicle manufacturers and proven by thousands of repair facilities worldwide as the leader in…

Benefits of the GSP9700’s Three-In-One Diagnostic Repair   Capability:

tyre changerWith wheels getting larger and the technology of tyres growing with the likes of runflat tyres and profiles getting smaller and smaller down to 25 profile tyres the old style tyre fitting machines are just not up to the job. So we have also invested in a totally lever less tyre changer the Hunter Auto 34 tyre changer.

 This revolutionary tyre changer can handle the most demanding of car tyres with ease. It will change tyres on wheels down to 10 inch and up to a massive 34 inches which should be enough for most of our customers needs. Being lever less the chances of damaging your precious wheels is eliminated as the tyre fitting and removing head is plastic and no tyre levers are used for this operation.
Even the lowest profile run flat tyres are effortless on this machine. To date the lowest profile tyre we have fitted on it is a 30 profile on a Porsche 911 and again it was totally effortless, and we had a very happy customer as other tyre retailers had damaged his wheels in the past using more traditional fitting equipment.  So if you want peace of mind and a professional job doing then look no further than A1 Bodmin Discount Tyres and Exhausts.

How safe are your tyres?

Below is a video showing some surprising results on braking in the wet with 3mm of tread as opposed to 1.6mm which is the legal limit.

Tracking/Wheel Alignment : Wheel Balancing : How Safe are your Tyres

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